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Top 10 Actors this Week

The Actors Hall of Fame congratulates the 2010 Tony Award Winners:

Denzel Washington (Fences)
Viola Davis (Fences)
Douglas Hodge (La Cage aux Folles)
Catherine Zeta-Jones (A Little Night Music)
Eddie Redmayne (Red)
Scarlett Johansson (A View From The Bridge)
Levi Kreis (Million Dollar Quartet)
Kate Finneran (Promises Promises)

and to all of the 2010 Tony Award nominees
who were recognized for their outstanding work on Broadway this year.

The Top 10 Actors of the Week ending June 13, 2010


1. Jaden Smith (The Karate Kid)
2. Liam Neeson (The A Team)
3. Mike Meyers (Shrek Forever After)
4. Jonah Hill (Get Him To The Greek)
5. Ashton Kutcher (Killers)
6. Jake Gyllenhaal (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time)
7. Owen Wilson (Maramduke)
8. Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex And The City 2)
9. Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man 2)
10. Adrien Brody (Splice)


1. Mark Harmon (NCIS)
2. Ensemble (Glee)
3 Charlie Sheen (Two and a Half Men)
4. Chris O'Donnell (NCIS; LA)
5. Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory)
6. Simon Baker (The Mentalist)
7. Laurence Fishburne (CSI)
8. Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds)
9. Gary Sinise (CSI: NY)
10. David Caruso (CSI: Miami)


1. Mandy Gonzalez (Wicked)
2. Derek Smith (Lion King)
3. Nathan Lane (The Addams Family)
4. Sean Hayes (Promises Promises)
5. Denzel Washington (Fences)
6. Kate Henning (Billy Elliot)
7. Sebastian Arcelus (Jersey Boys)
8. Laura Michelle Kelly (Mary Poppins)
9. John Cuida (The Phantom of the Opera)
10. Catherine Zeta-Jones (A Little Night Music)


1. Johnny Depp (Alice in Wonderland)
2. Leonardo DiCaprio (Shutter Island)
3. John Travolta (From Paris With Love)
4. Benicio Del Toro (The Wolfman)
5. Sam Worthington (Avatar)
6. Channing Tatum (Dear John)
7. Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side)
8. Jessica Alba (Valentine's Day)
9. Tom Hanks (Toy Story)
10. Tom Hanks (Toy Story 2)

The Top 10 Actors of the Week recognize those artists who star in current Film, Television, Broadway and DVDs, as reported by the leading industry research organizations and based on the prior week's results of box office, ratings and sales. The list is compiled and distributed by The Actors Hall of Fame Foundation, a non-profit educational organization that is dedicated to restoring dramatic arts education in schools.

For more information on The Top 10 Actors of the Week, email [email protected]

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