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Red Carpet Museum

The Actors Hall of Fame Red Carpet Museum

For every actor, "walking the Red Carpet" is the culmination of years of hard work, and dedication to their chosen profession. It represents a celebration of their performance in film, television or theatre which they share with fans and media from around the world.  It is a modern cultural experience and an inspiration to everyone who enjoys dramatic arts on film, theatre and television.

For millions of fans, the "Red Carpet" embodies the excitement and glamour of the entertainment industry and actors. Now, The Actors Hall of Fame's Red Carpet Museum will make that experience come person and online.

It is also a tangible way to expand the awareness of the Foundation's mission of the importance of restoring dramatic arts education in schools.

The Actors Hall of Fame Red Carpet Museum
will feature interactive experiences for the millions of
"guest stars" who visit The Actors Hall of Fame.

The Road to the Red Carpet: An audio and video journey as told by noted actors with highlights about their personal and professional experiences on the Red Carpet. This is a combination of history, memorabilia and modern culture as we celebrate famous moments from the first red carpet over 200 years ago to today.

The Red Carpet Fashions: A dazzling display of the couture, jewelry and pageantry from movie and theatre premieres, award shows and special events from around the world.

The Red Carpet Museum Gift Shop; This unique retail experience features one of a kind photos from Red Carpet events from years past,
an exciting array of collectibles, and exclusive merchandise from studios, producers and actors.

The Red Carpet Commissary:  Everything from lunch on the set to a full service dining and catering facility that can accommodate individual guests or special "red carpet" celebrations.

Walking the Red Carpet: What is it like to walk the Red Carpet at a major Hollywood event? Each "guest star" to The Red Carpet Museum will  find out in our  immersive "3D" experience. They'll come face to face with the lights and excitement complete with press interviews, or strike a pose as they make their way down our virtual red carpet.

We are currently considering a number of locations in the greater Los Angeles area for the Red Carpet Museum and Dramatic Arts Education Center. An announcement and final selection will be made in the next few months.

Please email [email protected] for more information. Thank you.


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