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The Dramatic Arts Education Fund

 Dramatic Arts Education is in crisis.

The Dramatic Arts Education Fund provides immediate resources for elementary and secondary school students and teachers where funding for existing dramatic arts education programs have been eliminated or reduced.

Announcing A new Dramatic Arts Education Program
for "At Risk" High School Students
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There are millions of "at risk" students in schools in the United States. It's a crisis that is having a profound effect not only on the students and their families, but on our schools, economy and country. Private studies put the number as high as 40%, while the US Department of Education identifies 25% of all students. Regardless, that's anywhere between 14-23 million students and educators who need our help.

Now it's easier to support The Dramatic Arts Education Fund through our corporate partnership program. Each time you make a purchase with any partner all of the net proceeds go directly to the Foundation.

   Netflix, Inc.
Help us make a dramatic difference for "At Risk" students across the US.

Be part of the solution. You can help 1 student or an entire class for a full year!

Here's My Tax Deductible Donation
To Support Dramatic Arts Education

One Student - $10.00
Five Students - $50.00
Ten Students - $100.00
One Class ( 50 Students) $500.00
Two Classes (100 Students) for a Full Year $1,000

Over the next 4 years, The Actors Hall of Fame will produce a new and innovative dramatic arts education program that will reach 1,000,000 "at risk" students in schools across the country.

This is a free comprehensive dramatic arts program consisting of age and grade appropriate teaching activities, lesson plans, acting and writing workshop exercises, interactive online video, all integrated into a custom online and mobile networking website for students and teachers.

The program includes support for live productions by participating students for parents, teachers, fellow students and members of the local community.

If you're interested in sponsoring a school or district in your community, please contact the Foundation directly by email: [email protected]

The Actors Hall of Fame is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation.
Tax ID# 20-0149820

If you wish to mail your donation, please contact [email protected] for the mailing address. Thank you.

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