Shakespeare is a global cultural franchise that generates over $1 Billion in revenue every year through book sales, festivals, live productions in over 90 different languages.

The Actors Hall of Fame has developed the International Shakespeare Project to create a clearing house for students, educators, fans and audiences world wide.

Some of the specific projects and programs include:

Shakespeare in China?  A  feature length documentary tracing the roots of how Shakespeare was introduced over 150 years ago and how he became a cultural icon to over 1 billion chinese  fans.

Real Life Romeos & Juliets: A social media 'docu-drama' series about the real life stories of modern day Romeos and Juliets all over the world.

The Foundation will also produce 10 new film and stage Shakespeare's most popular works including a 3D animated production of A Mid Summer Night's Dream.

The Foundation will also sponsor an International Shakespeare 'SLAM' featuring the most talented and popular modern day poets.

The International Shakespeare Project