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The Chinese People LOVE Shakespeare!

68per cent said they liked Shakespeare, compared with 59 per cent in Britain

and 55 per cent in Hong Kong.

Asked whether Shakespeare

was still relevant, 76 per cent said he was, compared with 57 per cent in Britain

and 61 per cent in Hong Kong.

Original Programming ​and  Content

Festival Productions:   Live and tapes performances from local, national and international Shakespeare Festivals around the world.

Animated Shakespeare:  The animated series of digital graphic novels voiced by world famous Shakespearean actors for grades 5-12. Available in multiple languages.

Classic Shakespeare Productions:    First run and classic Shakespeare films and television programs…dating back to the very earliest silent films.

The Original Shakespeare:  Revivals of the very first performances and writings.

Great Shakespeareans:   Biographic profiles of the great  Shakespearean actors, directors, writers and educators.

International Shakespeare Festivals:    Special live coverage of the Stratford, Ashland, World Shakespeare Festival, and  New York’s Shakespeare in the Park.

The Games of Shakespeare:    A weekly “game/variety’ series testing the knowledge and history of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare Casting Channel:    Actors from around the world submit their own examples of their best Shakespeare performances.

Master Class:    Each month a new class taught by actors and world class Shakespearean directors.

Shakespeare News of the Week:  An informative and entertaining ‘news’ update on all the recent events, activities, and productions from around the world....with some reporters in costume. 

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24/7 Coverage of Shakespeare Events, Professional and Student live productions,

Film Festivals and much more.

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