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     What is PATHWAYS?

We are creating a sustaining national program to help high school and college students identify and begin preparation

for career opportunities in the various career level business, craft, artistic, production, and management
opportunities to become the next generation(s) of both artistic and business leaders in the
film, television and theater industries.

 Why  do we need PATHWAYS?

Unlike other professions like medicine, law, accounting or finance, the entertainment  industry has no

set ‘standards’ of learned excellence and practical experience other than internships,

mentoring or entry level training programs.  

Where is PATHWAYS?

Daily instruction and operations at The Actors Hall of Fame in Culver City and high school

and college partner locations throughout the United States, the UK, Canada and other markets over time.

Who will be participating in PATHWAYS?


PATHWAYS is an operational and educational partnership with leading public institutions 

and The Actors Hall of Fame Foundation with permanent educators, lecturers, artists,

award winning industry speakers, mentors and support staff.

How will PATHWAYS work?

Daily live  on premise and distance learning locations classes from

The Actors Hall of Fame – along with field trips to local studios, production companies

and active productions to be streamed live to partner locations around the country.

The Actors Hall of Fame Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit charity. Donations are tax deductible. 
If you would like to make a direct donation or for more information please 
Tax ID# 20-0149820 

What is your pathway?

Assistant Director
Associate Producer
Broadcast Technician
Camera Operator
Casting Director
Costume Designer
Film Composer
Graphic Designer
Human Resources
Key Grip
Licensing Agent
Lighting Director
Location Scout
Make Up/Hair Artist
Marketing Director
Media Design Technician
Music Director
Personal Manager
Post Production Supervisor
Production Assistant
Production Manager
Promotion Director
Prop Manager
Set Designer
Social Media Developer
Sound Designer
Sound Editor/Mixer
Special Effects Coordinator
Stage Manager
Studio/Broadcast Management
Unit Publicist
Voice Over Artist