​ "As a woman and mother, I believed the stage was the best way
​for me to support equal rights for women".   Laura Keene.

Laura Keene's amazing life and achievements...

  • The first woman who successfully owned, performed and toured her own productions.
  • The first woman to own and manage a theatre in her name on Broadway.
  • The first woman to star in her own productions.
  • The first woman producer and actor to earn significantly more than her male counterparts.
  •  Produced and starred in her production of Our American Cousin, one of the most
    ​successful and historic plays in American history.
  • Was on stage at Ford’s Theatre starring in Our American Cousin when President Lincoln was assassinated.

An Evening With Laura Keene
Exclusive engagements in:
​London, New York, Washington DC
& Los Angeles.

Our American Cousin 

The play that made history, adapted as a Streaming Series

The Stage Production:

An Evening with Laura Keene
​April 14, 1865

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The True Story of the most successful and powerful woman in the history of the American Theater.

The Feature Film:

Acting on Instinct:
​The Laura Keene Story