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Laura Keene, a British actress, who became an American citizen, was the first woman who broke all the barriers of the American Theater.

Laura Keene was the first woman who successfully owned, performed and toured her own productions.

Laura Keene was the first woman to own and manage a theatre in her name alone on Broadway.

​Laura Keene was the first woman producer and actress to earn significantly more 
​than her male counterparts.

​    The dramatic true story of a 19 year old British girl who became the

most powerful woman in the history of the American theater. ​​

 Registered WGAW 1802185

Laura Keene produced and starred  in her production of "Our American Cousin", one of the most successful
​and significant plays in history.

Laura Keene was on stage at Ford’s Theatre in Our American Cousin when President Lincoln was assassinated.

It was Laura Keene who identified John Wilkes Booth as the assassin, and then rushed to the President’s box until help arrived.

Before there was Susan B. Anthony…

Before there was Elizabeth Cody Stanton…

Before there was Betty Friedan…

Before there was Gloria Steinem…

There was Laura Keene!

Laura Keene
Actress, Producer, Director and Single Mother.

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Laura Keene said:  "As a woman and mother, I believe the stage is the best way for me to support equal rights for women".

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