Finding My Heart is the incredible journey of  Celia, an award winning journalist who undergoes a heart transplant and the impact it has on her life and of other transplant survivors.

She now has someone else’s heart beating in her chest.

What Celia did notice is that ‘something’ is different, but she can’t put her finger on exactly what it is.

She tells her doctor about this, and he tells her that it’s normal for transplant patients to have these “ghost like’ feelings. How can this be happening?

More importantly, why is it happening to her?

She returns to her job determined to make her new life her next story. She immerses herself, and begins to discover a world she never knew existed.

Each week, there is another story of not only survivors but how Celia was able to track down their donors. And each week, the stories become more amazing.

A 35 year old man who never touched a piano is now a piano teacher. Celia discovers that his heart donor was a jazz pianist.

Another story is about a 20 year woman who was afraid to go outdoors, who is now taking daily hikes in the woods. Celia discovers that her donor worked as a ranger in the National Park Service.

Celia documents over 100 cases from around the world until she finally finds her donor.

And her heart.

What if your heart remembers?