the encyclopedia of dramatic arts

The Encyclopedia of Dramatic Arts is the first global project to create a dynamic and interactive

global resource for all aspects of dramatic arts education.

The Encyclopedia is an interactive cloud based service, with specific and planned content releases; including coverage of current performance and audience data.

The Encyclopedia of Dramatic Arts will be managed and supported by an alliance of international educators, producers, actors, directors, studios, networks, artists, industry leaders, and journalists.

Using interviews, reenactments and interactive content, we will document the past, capture the present and explore the future of dramatic arts.

1. Research – Creative, Economic, Social
2. Schedules – Productions, Events, Meetings
3. Clearinghouse – Goods and Services listings
4. Interactive Biographies - of artists and news makers
5. On Background – Trends in Production & Distribution
6. Books & Articles - Dissertations, Opinion Papers
7. Technology – Impact, Devices, Opportunities
8. New Production - New Talent
9. Economic Impact - Reports & analysis by experts
10. Education - Guides and Curriculum K-16
11. Live Q&A interviews - Discussions with news makers
12. Live Breaking News – Available 24/7
13. Audience Research – The latest tracking data
14. Mixed Media-Trailers – Interviews & Special Events
15. Community Forums – Meetings and online webinars
16. State of the Industry - Reports by Decade/Genre
17. Student Productions – All formats accepted

And much more as contributors, artists, audiences and industry professionals create and grow.