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The Mission of the  Experience Drama Project

To connect the 2.5 Billion people around the world who enjoy and support dramatic arts.

Use all available technologies to support new ways to experience dramatic arts.

Create global collaboration by bringing students, educators, audiences, writers, industry leaders and audiences together.

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A global online initiative to create a living record of dramatic arts, Past, Present and Future.

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The Actors Hall of Fame is proud to announce the first two global initiatives of the Experience Drama Project.

The Encyclopedia of Dramatic Arts is an interactive cloud based service, with specific and planned content releases; including global coverage of dramatic arts in 17 different content categories.  

The Encyclopedia of Dramatic Arts will be managed and supported by an alliance of international educators, producers, actors, directors, studios, networks, artists, industry leaders, and journalists.
Using interviews, reenactments and interactive  content, we will document the past, capture the present and explore the future of dramatic arts.