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Why is Dramatic Arts Education So Important?

Dear Friend,

74% of schools do not provide a dramatic arts education program in their schools. That is close to 40 million children who are missing a critical part of their education.

We all want the best for our children, and a good education is critical. It's more than what they learn. It's how they learn to communicate, process information, work with others, become productive members of the global society and above all be healthy and happy. Dramatic Arts Education plays a HUGE part of that learning.

We also want them to have the best teachers, access to literature, athletics, science and so much more.  We hope they develop the urge to explore our world and make it theirs!

The Actors Hall of Fame was created with the knowledge that dramatic arts education has so much to provide to our children...regardless of what they want to be 'when they grow up'.

For young children 'playing' is the most basic form of acting. Learning how to 'pretend' is as important as learning how to hit a baseball. And as they grow, dramatic arts provides memories that last a lifetime.

If you believe as I do, that making sure that every child has access to dramatic arts is important (and according to research 93% of you do), then please help us make sure we can deliver on that promise. Your generous contribution will go directly to fund dramatic arts education programs for K-16.

So, to all those of you who want to help the millions of future doctors, inventors, technologists, teachers, salesmen, bankers, programmers, corporate directors, small business people and public servants, please make a donation today.

And take a bow!

Thank you.

Rusty Citron

Founder and CEO

The Actors Hall of Fame

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