The play that made history

returns as a mini series.

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 Digital Screen Partners, where Advertising Converts to Equity.

  • Each ad runs as ordered, so that their ad commitment meet audience deliverables.
  • We have an exciting list of productions...from Shakespeare to Cartoons, TV Movie Dramas, Short & Independent Films and much more.
  • We guarantee a strong equity position based on their ad commitment.Digital Screen Partners is global content, advertising, and digital distribution service delivering ​high value productions, which we stream to an audience of over 1.7 Billion.

    Digital Screen Partners is a for profit subsidiary of The Actors Hall of Fame Foundation.

The International ShakespeareSlam 

From Hip Hop &  Shakespeare Fusion to
Spoken Word Poetry. 

The International Shakespeare Slam is a series of  performance specials –  for the thousands of young poets, musicians and performers to express themselves using the words of Shakespeare.

 Productions ready to launch next year...

Dramatic and Competition Series!  

Anyone want to be Famous?

The true story of  Laura Keene, the first most powerful woman of the American theater!