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“Citizen Twain” Kilmer’s Career Triumph

Dec 24, 2016 | Posted by Alex Arabian | Film Reviews | \

Inside the intimate setting of the historical Clay Theater in San Francisco, Val Kilmer casually emerged from the dark void of the audience, seemingly appearing out of nowhere to take the stage and present his indelible masterpiece, “Citizen Twain”. He addressed the packed crowd humbly, as if he was the student and the faces that occupied the theater seats his teachers, welcoming feedback after the screening. However, after 90 minutes, the audience would soon come to realize that he was in fact the maestro, and they, along everyone who has had the pleasure of viewing this show, mere instruments of his creative dominion.

As I was waiting in line before “Citizen Twain”, I had no idea what to expect. Where has Val Kilmer been the last 13 years, aside from the occasional small role? Why did he choose to write a play about Twain? What connection did he have with him? All I could do was keep an open mind and enjoy. The last point Mr. Kilmer made before the screening was that these stage productions were not only meant to smooth the surface of his script and production, but also to develop his character. Each night, he would evolve.

This also allowed Kilmer to have more creative control by interacting with the audience in a productive way that would move his scripted plot forward.

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Mr. Kilmer will introduce the 90-minute film and conduct a question and answer period with the audience following the screening. VIP ticket holders will have an opportunity to meet Val, chat, and take photos after the Q&A.

About Val Kilmer:

Val Kilmer, the youngest actor ever accepted to Julliard’s Drama Division, graduated from the school at 17. His professional acting career began on stage playing Hamlet at the 1988 Colorado Shakespeare Festival. His film debut was in the 1984 spoof Top Secret!, where he starred as blond rock idol Nick Rivers. It wasn't until his astonishingly performance as Jim Morrison in Oliver Stone's The Doors that the world sat up and took notice. Kilmer put his vocal talents to good use in the movie, performing all of the concert pieces. Since then, he has played two more American legends, Elvis Presley in True Romance and Doc Holliday in Tombstone. He skyrocketed to international stardom playing Iceman in Top Gun, Doc Holliday in Tombstone, and the Caped Crusader in Batman Forever. He wrote, produced, directed and starred in Citizen Twain, the one-man play about Mark Twain as well as Cinema Twain, the film of the play.