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The first set of titles to be produced this year include:

Snow White - The Unfairest of Them All

Robin Hood - The Sheriff Speaks

Rumplestitskin - A Deal Is a Deal

Rip Van Winkel -  Wake Up Rip Van Winkle

Cinderella - That Awful Cinderella

The Actors Hall of Fame TM


The Actors Hall of Fame Foundation has the worldwide rights to one of the most creative and best selling book series that will now be part of the Foundation's Dramatic Arts Education program for primary and secondary schools.

This best selling series of books from noted educator and author, Dr. Alvin Granowsky, will be adapted for digital tablet and mobile applications reaching a new generation of students and teachers.

APOV will also be produced as an on-going interactive series available on the Foundation's streaming channels and through partnerships with actors, producers and other digital networks and platforms.

By telling BOTH sides of the story we create important learning opportunities that are also the foundation of Dramatic Arts Education.


 APOV teaches the importance of character development, and the understanding of how one character behaves and  acts in the same story with a totally different character.

 APOV teaches teamwork by demonstrating that it takes all kinds of people to be on a team...and understand their  views are important to the success of the team.

 APOV inspires creativity by giving students and teachers the tools to understand both sides of the story.

  APOV makes the story more immersive and helps students to understand plot and character motivation as well as      reaction and positive and negative relationships.

APOV is focused on the story and the characters...

which is the first and most important tool for anyone in dramatic arts.


Telling Both Sides of the Story!

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