​ The LAURA KEENE FUND was created and managed by The Actors Hall of Fame Foundation
to honor and preseve the memory and acomplishments of Laura Keene.

        Support for single mothers with easy access to dramatic arts education tools that are designed                  to build their self esteem, communication skills, and provide access to jobs and services in their
        local communities.

        Support training and access to sustaining job opportunities in films, television and theater for
        single mothers.


Before there was Susan B. Anthony…

Before there was Elizabeth Cody Stanton…

Before there was Betty Friedan…

Before there was Gloria Steinem…

There was Laura Keene!

Requests for grants and other means of support will be accepted after September 2018.

The goal of the Foundation's Advocacy efforts are focused on helping members of the dramatic arts community including; students and educators who need support
to overcome issues and events that impact their careers.

 This includes support for the following organizations: