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The Actors Hall of Fame TM


The Acting Clubis an original dramatic series about a group of 12 college students who have nothing in common other than their passion for drama and their ambition to succeed. 

The Acting Club helps these 12 unique and talented students find themselves by performing…on stage and off! 

The rich diversity of characters and story lines connect the ‘cast’ with their teachers, friends and family. The pressures of working together to cast, rehearse and perform an award winning play while dealing with their own personal issues contributes to the conflicts, and challenges as the Club’s final performance nears.

The Acting Club follows a proven story format that is very similar to previous hit shows and films including; Glee, Fame, Shakespeare High, The Breakfast Club, and many more. 

It also features the broadcast of fully produced plays (with the students performing the major roles). 

The Acting Club’s first live performance will be...

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