stars of film, television and theater COMPETE with high school and college students , 

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The Show's Rundown...

  • Each 'contestant'  pre tapes their introduction as our host introduces the guest actors and talk through their work and upcoming scene for the show.
  • Contestants and guest stars are teamed by the panel of our 'Casting Directors", and start their first ‘read through’. The performances end with self and panel critiques
  • We go ‘backstage’ as each team prepares for their master class performance. We watch as they make decisions about character, make-up, blocking and pacing.
  • The ‘teams’ are re-introduced this time in character. Before their performance, we ‘replay’ their ‘read through’, and then we watch their master performance.


       The casting directors render their decision as the audience votes online and via text messaging. 

To the Winners go the spoils...

The Actors Hall of Fame along with the show’s producer will develop the appropriate reward structure for all participants.

The grand prize winner gets an acting contract for a featured role in a current TV series, an upcoming movie or Broadway play…PLUS a year’s contract with one of the top 5 talent agencies, a personal manager and publicist AND a year’s lease for a Hollywood or NY condo and a new car!

Matching up stars of film, television, and theatre with high school and college acting students, Acting with the Stars features iconic scenes from the classic or current film. The final performances before a panel of internationally acclaimed casting directors and the television and online audience.