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Studies show that
dramatic arts education builds self esteem, improves communication skills, teaches teamwork and other values that

last a lifetime.




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Every 20 Seconds, a student drops out of school.

That is why we created*...

Dramatic Choices is an innovative and long term solution
to help keep 'at risk' students in school, and put them
on the pathway to complete their education
and achieve a career of their choice.


Phase 1: Dramatic Choices: A dramatic arts education program targeting
at risk youth. This 8-10 week program provides a safe and creative environment for a selected group of 10-15 students working together to write, create and perform an original film, video, or stage production in their community.

Phase 2: Dramatic Opportunities: Students who complete Phase 1 and graduate from high school, can participate, with the support of The Actors Hall of Fame, in a post high school education program where they complete their education.

Phase 3: Dramatic Careers. We continue to support these students by helping to secure permanent full time career positions in the  field of their choice.


*...83% of students who have experienced just one dramatic arts education program decide to stay in school.


Support the building blocks of
Dramatic Arts Education.

George Lucas and Randal Kleiser Present

entire semester of the class that the award winning actor
and educator Nina Foch taught at USC and AFI for more than 40 years. 

A complete dramatic arts education course including
workbooks, assignments, video clips and workshops
designed for both High School and College level use.

Available from The Actors Hall of Fame
January 2015. For additional information, please email:

Nina Foch Course

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